Rene Dupree Discusses Injury He Suffered From Bill Goldberg

February 28, 2022

Known for his high-intensity, Bill Goldberg doesn’t necessarily have the best of track records in regards to opponent safety. Of course, in a sport as naturally physical as professional wrestling, the primary goal is to hurt the person you’re performing with as little as possible. Unfortunately for one former WWE star, that was not their case when working with Goldberg.

While speaking on his Cafe de Rene podcast, Rene Dupree claimed that Goldberg separated Dupree’s collarbone during a segment with La Resistance in 2003.

“Did you get out alive? Because I got a separated collarbone from working with Goldberg. What happened was we did a backstage vignette with me, Rob, and Sly and then Goldberg was the ‘USA, USA’representative, and he grabbed our flag and we did five takes and he hit me across the shoulder every single time, right here where your collarbone connects. Seriously, he hit me so hard, like three or four times in a row to where it actually f****** detached my collarbone. I was living in Louisville. We had a team doctor there. We had to go get a cortisone shot. Cortisone, man, long-term it does more harm than good, right? Because it just eats at your joints.”

Goldberg recently lost a match to Roman Reigns during WWE’s Elimination Chamber and the star hinted that the match may have been his last. Bill Goldberg is currently a free agent.

H/T Ringside News for quotes.

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