ROH Has “Far More Bidders Than Expected” Interested In Acquiring Company

March 2, 2022

ROH has been on hiatus since January, but there are plans for the company to make a comeback in April. However, when the company does finally make a comeback, will there be new owners?

It was reported by Fightful, that they had received news from sources across different wrestling businesses that overtures for a prospective sale or cooperation had been made.

It now looks like there may be a lot more suiters who are interested in acquiring the company.

When Fightful inquired within ROH, they were told that there were “far more bidders than expected” and that numerous wrestling businesses and a few media companies had been involved in conversations at one point or another. While these figures are far from certain, there have been rumors of three different price ranges in the last two years. A source high up in another company heard directly from a person who claimed to be in talks about buying ROH in early 2020 that a price point of $40 million was being discussed, with a source close to the company reporting they heard the price was half that. However, a source close to ROH told Fightful that an independently rich fan who wasn’t in the wrestling business made an attempt to buy it more recently, and was quoted $30 million for half of the organization.

While ROH has not confirmed any of these reports, many wrestlers who had previously worked with ROH or were associated with the company had heard that a prospective sale was still on the table.

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