Roman Reigns def. Sunil Singh

June 12, 2018
Roman Reigns def. Sunil Singh

Over the weekend, it appeared Jinder Mahal wouldn’t be waiting until this Sunday to throw down with Roman Reigns when he challenged the former WWE Champion to a match. But it seems Reigns was a little too eager to get his hands on The Modern Day Maharaja to realize Mahal had never clarified who the opponent was going to be.

Mahal got Reigns into the ring and immediately pulled a bait-and-switch on The Big Dog, subbing himself out at the last possible second for Sunil Singh. Reigns, of course, quickly feasted on The Maharaja’s acolyte and got the 1-2-3 after a Spear, but Mahal took advantage of his foe’s brief preoccupation by attacking The Big Dog after the match and planting him with the Khallas. Underhanded to be sure, but given that a motivated Reigns is tough to beat in a straight-up fight (and given that Mahal cost The Big Dog a Money in the Bank opportunity, he is certainly motivated), The Maharaja may well have figured out the way to beat him on Sunday. Then again, of course, he might have just made him madder.

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