Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre def. Roman Reigns & “Gary ‘The GOAT’ Garbutt”

July 9, 2019

Gary who? The mystery partner Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre selected to team with Roman Reigns turned out to be a custodian at the Prudential Center named Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt, who only accepted the gig after Shane and McIntyre promised him a $5,000 payday. In all honesty, Gary — a three-time, three-time, three-time Employee of the Month at Prudential Center who competed in a mask — earned his money and then some, breaking out a frankly astounding sequence of high-flying maneuvers before McIntyre turned him inside out with a match-ending Claymore.

Reigns, who had been waylaid by a trip into the ring post before Gary tagged himself in, drove McIntyre and McMahon from the ring before unmasking “The GOAT” to reveal none other than Cedric Alexander, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion who apparently assumed “The GOAT’s” identity for reasons yet unknown. Alexander received a busted lip for his troubles, and if Shane’s M.O. is any indication, that may well be the first of many painful lessons he learns … provided, of course, Shane & Drew don’t learn one first from Roman and his other partner this Sunday.

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