Slammiversary XVI LIVE Results

July 23, 2018

Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling presents an event 16 years in the making — live on pay-per-view, this is Slammiversary XVI!

Johnny Impact vs. Bone Soldier Taiji Ishimori vs. Petey Williams vs. Fenix – International Four Way Match

Ishimori hits Fenix with a springboard Hurricanrana.

Fenix and Impact both springboard off the ropes but Fenix gets the upperhand and slams him to the mat!

Williams hits his signature dropkick to the back of Fenix, followed by the side Canadian leg sweep.

Ishimori hits Williams with a springboard dropkick but Fenix breaks up the pin attempt with a springboard of his own!

Fenix launches himself over the top rope, taking out Impact and Williams on the outside! Ishimori is next to fly as he hits a springboard Moonsault on everyone!

Impact counters Williams’ Canadian Destroyer and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Fenix connects with a rolling cutter on Impact but Ishimori breaks up the pin!

Everybody exchanges superkicks in the middle of the ring until no one is left standing!

Impact hits Fenix with another superkick, followed by Starship Pain to pick up the win.

Backstage, King prepares the OGz, Homicide and Hernandez, for their 5150 Street Fight against Konnan, Santana and Ortiz later tonight.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie

Tessa pummels Allie with numerous forearms on the apron but misses the follow-up leg drop.

Allie hits a top rope crossbody to the outside!

Tessa catches a Best Superkick Ever attempt by Allie and grounds her to take control.

They brawl around the ringside area where Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver on the floor!

Allie dropkicks Tessa into the corner, followed by the lungblower for a near fall.

Tessa connects with a top rope Hurricanrana but Allie kicks out!

Allie hits the Codebreaker but Tessa wisely rolls to the outside.

Tessa counters the Allie Valley Driver into the hammerlock DDT to win!


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