The New Day and The Viking Raiders clash in a Viking Rules Match

August 26, 2022

The viciousness between The New Day and The Viking Raiders will be settled when the two collide in a Viking Rules Match.

The teams have beaten each other in recent weeks with Kendo sticks, shields and a wide variety of other weapons. The Viking Raiders even held a mock “Viking Funeral” for Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods after they put both Superstars on the shelf.

Last Friday, The New Day looked ready to retire The New Day, but it all ended up being a ruse to trick The Viking Raiders. With a stipulation like a Viking Rules Match, nothing is off the table in terms of the punishment that each team will inflict on the other.

Will The New Day end the tyranny of The Viking Raiders, or will the savage Erik and Ivar continue their impressive winning streak? Find out next Friday at 8/7C on FOX.

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