The Rock pays tribute to #MPRraccoon

June 14, 2018

Social media was captivated this week by one raccoon’s inexplicable two-day quest to climb the 25-story UBS Plaza tower in Minnesota, and even The Rock paused to take notice.

The People’s Champ could definitely relate to the harrowing ascent — he stars in this summer’s “Skyscraper,” after all — and was so inspired by the crafty creature’s heroism, he posted two “Skyscraper” movie posters featuring the icon now known worldwide as #MPRraccoon based on the up-to-date coverage the climb received on Minnesota Public Radio. And, yes, the brave raccoon is now safe and sound. 

Check out The Rock’s post below, and check out “Skyscraper” when it hits theaters Friday, July 13.

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