This week in WWE GIFs: Axel flosses, Ellsworth flexes and more

July 6, 2018

It was an emotional week in WWE, featuring a reunited team unveiling their true feelings as well as former friends unleashing their rage on each other in counseling. The release of those feelings made for excellent GIFs, which we’ve curated and added to our official GIPHY channel! You can find the one that best expresses how you’re feeling and use it across social media on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, Slack, Gmail, Whatsapp and more! Which GIF is your favorite?

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Yes or no?

Team Hell No are back, and it’s like they never left. Daniel Bryan and Kane had their first match in five years Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, but before that, the two were arguing with each other just like old times.


Dr. Shelby loses his cool

While Bryan & Kane eventually got on the same page to fend off The Usos, their former anger management therapist, Dr. Shelby, didn’t fare so well with his new patients. The good doctor was enlisted to help rehabilitate the friendship of Bayley and Sasha Banks. As evidenced by this GIF from the first session in the “Friend Zone,” Dr. Shelby has his work cut out for him.


Curtis Axel flosses 

Although they’ve earned a Raw Tag Team Title Match, winning is still a fairly new concept for The B-Team. That’s why, after his victory over “Woken” Matt Hardy on Raw, Curtis Axel couldn’t help but bust a move. If you’re ever feeling this happy, this is the GIF for you!


Do you even lift?

Summer’s in full swing, and everybody’s ready to show off their beach bod, including James Ellsworth. Before his battle of the sexes with Asuka, Ellsworth made sure to show off his “exquisite” physique for the cameras. If you’re feeling extra pumped after a workout, express yourself with this GIF.



When Braun Strowman tells you to move, you move. Especially if he’s dragging a portable toilet behind him. This stagehand learned that the hard way on Raw Monday night.


The horror!

SAnitY made their presence felt on SmackDown LIVE with an unsettling beatdown of The New Day. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E were attempting to have a fun-filled Third of July Pancake Eating Contest for the WWE Universe, but they instead fell victim to Eric Young, Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe, much to the horror of this member of the WWE Universe.


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