Tony Nese def. Jonathan Pierce

April 4, 2018
Tony Nese def. Jonathan Pierce

Following his defeat against Mark Andrews last week on WWE 205 Live, General Manager Drake Maverick understood the loss was a setback for Tony Nese, but he wanted him to get back in the ring and remind everyone why he is The Premier Athlete.

Nese squared off against Jonathan Pierce, a young competitor who kicked off the contest by taunting The Premier Athlete. Pierce’s verbal jabbing with Nese proved to be a fool’s errand, as he soon discovered first-hand the speed and power of his opponent. Looking to impress Maverick, The Premier Athlete unloaded on Pierce in an impressive display of strength and agility.

Outmatched, Pierce attempted to leave the ring, but Nese advanced, clobbering his opponent before returning to the ring. Taking Pierce off the top rope, Nese wasted little time claiming victory with his running knee strike, rounding out a dominant and impressive performance.

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