Ultimate Deletion Notes: Michael Cole’s Disclaimer, Huge Success on Social Media, Cut from Hulu

March 20, 2018

The Ultimate Deletion match was a big hit on social media Monday night. Not only did it generate thousands of tweets but #UltimateDeletion was trending worldwide for several hours after RAW ended.

Regarding the match’s production, Michael Hayes was listed as the match’s producer. As noted, the match was filmed two weeks ago at The Hardy Compound. Jeremy Borash was also involved.

There was said to be a lot of footage that Rebecca Hardy had filmed and edited herself that was used for Ultimate Deletion, as well as original music she composed as well.

WWE didn’t make the match available as part of the Hulu version of RAW. However, the match is available in several segments on YouTube.

As seen on RAW, Michael Cole gave a disclaimer to viewers before the match, apologizing for what the fans are about to see. The belief is WWE did this as a precautionary measure because they weren’t exactly sure what kind of feedback they would receive from the match. Matt Hardy responded to Cole’s remarks, which can be seen below.

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