Roman Reigns Reveals What He’d Do If Brock Lesnar Shoots on Him at WrestleMania

March 20, 2018

While discussing WrestleMania with ESPN, Roman Reigns was asked what his plans are if Brock Lesnar decides to throw “shoot punches” at him during the match. Reigns mentioned that he will have to protect himself and won’t hesitate to shoot back on The Beast Brock Lesnar.

“If he throws two at me I’m throwing three back. My dad was a big man. One of the easiest things about wrestling Brock Lesnar is that there isn’t much thinking about it. It’s just all physical stuff, and I’ve been doing physical stuff since I was seven years old. I played Division-One Football at Georgia Tech, so I’ve seen and been around some of the best athletes in the world. What we do is a different form of entertainment and athleticism, but you still have to be an athlete in order to do what we do all year round, you have to keep yourself in that shape so, I’m never scared to be able to push that button, let’s go, if I have to protect myself, I’m more than capable, no doubt.”

If Brock does decide to shoot, this wouldn’t be the first time. If you recall he threw legit shoot punches at Braun Strowman at The Royal Rumble earlier this year.

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