War Raiders def. Heavy Machinery

May 10, 2018
Heavy Machinery vs. War Raiders: WWE NXT, May 9, 2018

Two of NXT’s most massive tag teams collide as War Raiders answer a challenge laid out by Heavy Machinery. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

By ambushing Heavy Machinery and Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss on their very first night in NXT last month, War Raiders effectively declared war on NXT’s Tag Team division. Luckily for Hanson & Rowe, Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight were all too happy to answer the call.

The heavyweight clash was completely devoid of anything pretty. Instead, the two juggernaut squads threw down hammer and tongs, landing haymakers, throwing each other with explosive suplexes and, in the case of Hanson, making like an airbus as he flew through the ropes with a battering-ram suicide dive. 

While Dozovic & Knight had fire in their bellies and redemption on their mind, Hanson & Rowe’s raid would not be snuffed out this night. War Raiders tasted victory at Heavy Machinery’s expense, courtesy of Hanson & Rowe’s double-team specialty move, the Fallout. Can any team on the black-and-yellow brand stop War Raiders?

Article source: WWE.com

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