Where Does Eddie Edwards Go Now?

June 11, 2018

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan had their battle. The unsanctioned fight in the woods where Eddie promised to end Sami Callihan once and for all. We saw Jake Crist get taken out. Dave Crist tried to stop Eddie and couldn’t and we finally got the showdown between Edwards and Callihan.

The look in the eyes of Eddie Edwards was that of a man possessed. Remember the fun loving proud Boston sports fan? The guy who would talk Patriots football or Celtics basketball all day long? Laughing in catering or helping younger talent achieve their dreams? That man is gone, replaced by the demon we saw on Thursday. Eddie Edwards attempting to physically remove the eye from Sami Callihan.

Could Eddie be justified for his actions? At this point it would take a team of lawyers to prove to a jury that Eddie was right in his actions. Eddie has gone off the deep end and there seems to be no hope.

Tommy Dreamer and Alisha Edwards made it to the scene in time to stop Eddie and Sami was able to get away. Taking his frustrations out on Tommy Dreamer wasn’t enough for Eddie as he sat there in a pool of blood and tears, upset that he wasn’t able to end Sami once and for all. That is beyond normal. This entire rivalry is beyond normal.

Wrestling is a very different sport from anything else we see. In the same 2 hour show you can see athletes shake hands, have a knock down drag out battle, a clear winner is decided and they shake hands and go about their business. This rivalry is far from that and it is beyond a rivalry at this point. It is a blood feud that hasn’t existed in wrestling in quite some time.

So is it over? Not if you ask Eddie Edwards. We have given up calling Eddie as our calls go straight to Voice Mail and former iMessages go through as Texts that are unreturned, it is like he doesn’t even have a phone anymore. We have given up on asking his wife, Alisha as she seems to have no answers. Tommy Dreamer has tried, Moose has tried and the downward spiral of Eddie Edwards continues.

The man needs help, he doesn’t need to end Sami Callihan. Eddie simply needs help.

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