Who is Going to Slammiversary?

June 8, 2018

Next Thursday night the Main Event of Slammiversary will be official. We know the World Champion Austin Aries is in the Main Event. Who will face Austin Aries? It will be Moose vs. Eli Drake in a match with the highest stake possible.

Eli Drake struck first with an attack on Moose during the Fact of Life, but Thursday night, Moose will be ready for Eli Drake.
Impact_Wed_04_25_18_7245 Who is Going to Slammiversary? Slammiversary Pay Per View Moose Eli Drake

Moose made a bold prediction that he will be World Champion in 2018 and Moose has the chance to get to the big stage on Thursday night. Eli Drake is a former World Champion and knows what it takes to get there. So something has to give next week when Moose battles Eli Drake and the winner heads to Toronto on July 22nd to challenge Austin Aries.

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