Will Jeff Hardy Be Punished for Recent Arrest?

March 12, 2018

While discussing Jeff Hardy’s arrest over the weekend on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated that WWE probably won’t punish Hardy and compared the incident to the one Jey Uso got back in January.

“Yeah, Jeff Hardy was arrested last night for a DUI. That’s basically the story. He was at home and I don’t know. Normally if you’re a big star and you have a DUI and they’re not happy. You know, Jey Uso got one in January. I am sure they talked to him about it. It’s like the Usos didn’t lose a push or anything like that. He didn’t start losing. There was no change in anything. It wasn’t like there was a suspension — and Jeff Hardy is a bigger star than Jey Uso.”

Meltzer discussed Hardy’s track record and how hard he & his brother Matt worked trying to reinvent themselves after everything happened in their past with substance abuse.

“He’s got the track record. It’s kinda sad in a way because Jeff was completely messed up for years and years and years. He had all kinds of problems. You want to hear and believe that The Hardy’s are on the straight and narrow. They’ve done so well as far as reinventing themselves and everything like that.”

Meltzer also revealed that Jeff is finally ready to return but it remains to be seen what happens next and if this incident will sideline his return any.

“Jeff is also just coming off of surgery. He is ready to return. So, I don’t know what that means. I thought The Hardys were going to be wrestling Sheamus & Cesaro. I was told that they weren’t. Time will tell. I don’t think this will make a difference one way or another.”

As previously reported, WWE issued a statement earlier today and said that they are investigating the incident that led to Hardy’s arrest. We will keep you updated on any & all information we receive regarding Jeff Hardy, his arrest and his return to WWE.

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