Will Re-Brand The Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal Name Again?

March 16, 2018

While speaking at the WrestleMania 25 Press Conference today, Stephanie McMahon discussed the negative reaction that the Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal received and the company’s decision to change the name to the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal instead.

“I love that the WWE audience expressed their opinions, whether they are positive or negative. I think that it is our responsibility to listen to our audience and do our best to give them what they want. Clearly, they did not want to name the Women’s Battle Royal after The Fabulous Moolah. We were really proud that they spoke up and we were really happy to make that change.”

Stephanie was asked if the company would re-brand the name using another talents name and revealed that it’s currently not in the plans.

“For right now, we are sticking with the Wrestlemania Battle Royal Branding.“

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