Zack Ryder appears on the Funko Funkast

March 23, 2018

Zack Ryder was the envy of collectors everywhere this week, touring Funko’s Everett, Wash. headquarters and undoubtedly adding more Pop! vinyl figures to his ever-expanding collection.

During the visit, the WWE Unboxed host sat down with the fine folks at Funko for their weekly Funko Funkast, where he answered fan questions about his career, his all-consuming hobby and the latest addition to his family, his cat Kylo.

“I was never a cat person,” Ryder admitted. “I still don’t think I’m a cat person. But I love my cat. I even have this little camera that I can watch him on, and I can talk to him and feed him treats from my cell phone. I’ve probably opened the app [called Pawbo] a hundred times and he’s only come like three times. But I still always try.”

But being a cat owner has its trials and tribulations — especially for a toy collector.

“I brought him into my toy room a couple of times just because I don’t want him to sneak in there and go crazy, so I want him to know it’s OK,” he said. “But I always monitor him. He’s jumped into a couple of the wrestling rings before, but he hasn’t destroyed anything yet. So, he’s a good little cat.”

Hear more about the latest exploits of “Cat Daddy” on the Funko Funkast by clicking here.

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