Braunwyn Windham-Burke Interview | “Marque and Hector” Premiere Red Carpet (2023)

March 10, 2023

Braunwyn Windham-Burke interview | “Marque and Hector” Premiere Red Carpet (2023)

Marque and Hector” Premiere Red Carpet and Screening in NYC

SYNOPSIS: Financial pressures loom heavy over Marque’s (pronounced “Mark”) head. The IRS has threatened to seize his dead mother’s house, where he’s been living as a recluse with Hector a la “Grey Gardens”. He concocts a plan to start a DIY home decor YouTube channel to “get a virus!” (go viral) and support his lifestyle with some hard-earned ad revenue.

But young Hector continually disrupts Marque’s home taping, blasting workout music and tromping through the living room wearing next-to-nothing. This provokes Marque’s rage, and his abusive colors begin to show. Will he be able to calm the beast and keep it together for the grand launch of his YouTube series? (Spoiler: not a chance).

Marque brings on a number of special guests in hopes of going viral, including his anger management coach (played by RuPaul’s Miss Peppermint), a hotshot film producer (who’s only there in hopes of hooking up with Hector), and his healer (who surreptitiously doses him with a hit of LSD).

Marque’s hopes are dashed as he realizes he’s “not cut out for the business we call show.” Growing increasingly strident over his disappointments, he pushes away his closest companion – his young protege Hector. Hector’s eyes open to the abuse he’s been enduring, and he decides “it’s time to be BAD.” Ultimately, Marque must learn to either love the ones he depends on, or lose them forever.



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