Nina Bergman Interview (2021) | HELL HATH NO FURY

November 1, 2021

Big Gold Belt Media interview with Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Model & Activist “Nina Bergman”

Nina Bergman Interview

Nina Bergman “Marie”
Nina Bergman is a multi-hyphenate actress, singer and songwriter with several high-profile film roles soon to be released in theaters across the country. Nina can next be seen as the female lead in the November 5th indie theatrical release “HELL HATH NO FURY.” In this World War II historical female-empowering action drama, Nina stars as Marie, a French resistance fighter who falls in love with an SS officer and later becomes prisoner of a rogue group of corrupt US soldiers. Directed by Jesse Johnson, Nina is in virtually every scene giving a heartbreaking and haunting tour de force performance.

HELL HATH NO FURY is the story of one woman who single-handedly takes on the might of the German war machine, the French resistance, and a band of US infantrymen. Branded a traitor by her countrymen, French national Marie DuJardin is rescued by American soldiers on one condition: to survive, she must lead them to a cache of gold—before the Nazis return to claim it for themselves.

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