Thom Adcox Interview | 30 Years of Gargoyles | WonderCon 2024

April 7, 2024

Thom Adcox Interview by Big Gold Belt Media

Thom Adcox – actor, voice of Lexington on Gargoyles, Young Justice-Klarion the Witch Boy

30 years of Gargoyles: A Celebration for the Fans– Gargoyles, an animated series which mixed mythology, complex themes, and Shakespearean storylines, instantly attracted viewers of all ages. Though betrayed by the very ones they swore to protect, Goliath, the Manhattan Clan, and Elisa taught impressionable minds about trust and understanding the other side. A cartoon that stood out from its peers at the time, it spawned comics, video games, and a newly announced live action reboot. Join Jessica Tseang (pop culture historian, AMC, The History Channel, Eisner Awards judge 2022), Greg Weisman (creator of Gargoyles, Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man), Thom Adcox (actor, voice of Lexington on Gargoyles, Young Justice), Frank Paur (director, producer Gargoyles, Batman: The Animated Series), Elisa Gabrielli (actor, voice of Obsidiana on Gargoyles, Maria Chavez), Jamie Thomason (casting director, dialogue/voice director Gargoyles, Spirited Away), Brad Rader (storyboard artist Gargoyles, Bobs Burgers, Batman: The Animated Series), and Patrick Archibald (storyboard artist Gargoyles, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Real Ghostbusters), as they discuss how Gargoyles inspired fan conventions, and why it’s been consistently named one of the best animated series for three decades.

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