Brian Cage vs. Dezmond Xavier Thursday At Under Pressure

May 30, 2018

What happens when Goliath is just as quick as David? Then what? In this 2018 version of one of the oldest stories of all time, Goliath has evolved. How about another story of perseverance, patience and pursuit. The tortoise and the hare is a story told to children as they grow up to teach them that being steadfast and maintaining will win the day. Although the hare is much faster than the tortoise, as long as you keep at it, you can win! It is a feel good story. Also in that fairy tale, we learn the lesson to never overlook our opponents.

Well, Thursday night on IMPACT at Under Pressure, Brian Cage will not over look Dezmond Xavier. Because Brian Cage loves to be tested to his very limit and some even say that Cage puts himself in dangerous positions to see if he can be beaten.

Cage is also that Goliath who has evolved. Brian Cage is faster than almost all of his opponents, he is certainly stronger and he has an arsenal of moves unlike any athlete we have ever witnessed before. Cage checks all the boxes.

Don’t sleep on Dezmond Xavier though. The man behind the X19 is thrilling and amazing and if anyone can pull off this upset, it might just be Dezmond Xavier. Remember it was a victory over Petey Williams that earned Dezmond this match at Under Pressure on Thursday.

The winner of Brian Cage vs. Dezmond Xavier at Under Pressure earns a future X-Division Title Match against the current Champion and right now that Champion is Matt Sydal, one of the best high flying athletes in wrestling today. What will happen at Under Pressure? Who will earn the right to face Sydal? Will Dezmond Xavier give The Machine his first defeat? Find out Thursday night on an all new IMPACT Wrestling.

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