Control Your Narrative Announces Deal With Streaming Service

March 2, 2022

Control Your Narrative will soon be coming to a television near you. The new promotion founded by EC3 and Adam Scherr has announced that they have a deal with a streaming service.

The Control Your Own Narrative promotion will air on the not-yet-launched Pro Wrestling TV streaming service. The network is set to launch in April, promising to stream a variety of events from around the world. CYN issued a press release hyping the announcement.

Per Control Your Narritive:

“@prowtv, which will launch in April, and #ControlYourNarrative have agreed to an exclusive agreement to bring wrestling’s “newest” brand to its television home. With PWTV, the way professional wrestling is consumed will change forever.” states CYN Co-Founder “ec3.” We are very excited to partner with PWTV to bring the stories, skills, and abilities of a distinct and driven group of talents to the wrestling world. In addition to continuing to produce full-length cinematic wrestling feautures, CYN and PWTV will bring a unique perspective of presenting and distributing wrestling to the fans in the form of a seasonal television approach. Each episode will build the stories of the wrestlers, their conflicts, and their journeys culminating each season with a live event special. Through this approach CYN believes the talent will have the freedom to develop and excel,“ says CYN Co-Founder Jedediah Koszewski.⁣”

No details on the subscription srvice available programming outside of CYN, subscription costs, or other staff have been released.


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