Did Daniel Bryan’s Status for WrestleMania Recently Change?

March 18, 2018

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline reported that “something has changed” in regards to the WrestleMania plans for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who were originally scheduled to be part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and it could have to do with Daniel Bryan.

While covering the new interview with Bryan, Meltzer pointed out that Bryan has been aggressively trying to get cleared and there are new doctors and new protocols in place that have okay’d him to return to the ring, based on the belief that his brain has responded favorably to hyperbaric chamber treatments.

If WWE does clear Bryan for WrestleMania, one scenario for the former WWE Champion would be placing him in a tag team match with Owens, Zayn and Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan was asked about this rumored match during the interview and he said he doesn’t know instead of outright denying the rumors.

“I don’t know and I don’t think they know. I think it all depends on whether or not I get cleared. As of this moment, as of today, I am not cleared by WWE. I have done everything in my power. Everything they have asked me to and I have gone above and beyond as far as ‘Ok, what doctors do you need me to see. Send me to any doctor you want, any doctor that you want and lets get their feedback on what is going on with me’.”

As of right now, it appears that everything still remains up in the air for Bryan and WrestleMania. Will WWE add him to the rumored match with Owens, Sami and Shane at WrestleMania? That remains to be seen. Dave Meltzer discussed last week on Wrestling Observer Radio that Bryan could portray a referee in the bout but that has yet to be confirmed.

We will keep you informed if we receive any other information regarding Bryan’s status for WrestleMania.

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