WWE Planning to Release Music from Elias

March 18, 2018

While speaking with Guitar World, Elias was discussing his performances on RAW every week and reveale that there are actually plans for WWE to release music from him.

“I believe WWE—which, if you are not aware, stands for ‘Walk with Elias’—the company is taking notice of what I’m doing every week and there’s absolutely plans in the works to record music, release music, put it out there and give them the sound of Elias that they can take with them. They can have it on their phone, they can have it wherever on whatever music format they have.”

Elias also mentioned that there is no pressure in making new songs every week during his segments because it’s fun to him and he loves music.

“It’s not pressure because it’s fun to me. I love music, I love creating, so I just get inspired with whatever mood I’m in. Whatever the story dictates, that’s where my mind goes. I really enjoy it, it’s fun coming up with different songs every week.”

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