Fear The Undead Bride

June 7, 2018

Su Yung is the Knockouts Champion and the Undead Bride and the talk of all things Knockouts in IMPACT Wrestling. Su is dangerous, lethal and violent and now that she is Knockouts Champion, can anyone stop Su? Does she have a weakness? Can she be vulnerable and if so, can she be defeated?

Impact_Tues_04_24_18_6048 Fear The Undead Bride Undead Bride Su Yung Knockouts Champion

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling we will get a glimpse of what drives Su Yung. Not since Rosemary have we seen a Knockout like Su Yung and we hope to learn more about the Undead Bride tonight on an all new IMPACT Wrestling.

For now, check out who Su Yung was able to become Knockouts Champion on IMPACT Wrestling.

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