The Mystery Attacks NEED TO STOP

June 7, 2018

Another week and another attack. This time it was Sonjay Dutt who was found laid out, unconscious with a card on his chest in the locker room area. The night began with Sonjay addressing the IMPACT Roster. Caleb Konley questioned what was happening and it was Petey Williams who stood up for Sonjay. Needless to say, everyone is tense. People are walking around backstage on eggshells, looking around every corner.

So who is the Mystery Attacker? When will they come forward? Who might be next? Hopefully the Attacker is caught before anyone else is taken out.

We reached out to Sonjay Dutt over the weekend and Sonjay has no memory of what happened. Saying he was attacked from behind and didn’t see anyone. The mystery continues.

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