IMPACT Results May 24th, 2018

May 30, 2018

he next action-packed chapter unfolds tonight on IMPACT!

Drago & Aerostar vs. oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/ Sami Callihan

Drago launches himself over the top rope, taking out every member of oVe to jumpstart the match! Next, it’s Aerostar who flies!

Jake and Dave Crist distract the referee, while Callihan attacks Drago from the outside.

During the match, we see Eddie Edwards arriving to the arena with a kendo stick! His wife, Alisha tries to tell him the problems between him and Sami Callihan are over but he refuses!

Edwards makes his way to ringside and attacks oVe with the kendo stick, ending the match in disqualification. Edwards brutally chokes Callihan with the kendo stick until security and referees pull him away! Edwards breaks free and begins attacking security with kendo stick shots!

Backstage, Alisha tells Edwards that he’s beginning to act just like Callihan. Despite Alisha’s numerous requests to stop, Edwards tells her that things are not over between him and Callihan.

Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

Konley distracts the referee, allowing Lee to choke Ortiz from the apron!

Konley kicks Santana off the apron, preventing Ortiz from tagging him in.

Ortiz hits Lee with a stunner, allowing him to tag in Santana! Santana takes out both members of Cult of Lee with a unique double team move.

LAX hits a double Death Valley Driver on Konley but Lee breaks up the pin attempt!

Konley rolls up Santana with a hold of the tights to win!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong. Jimmy says he had to teach Moose a lesson when he had Kong attack him recently on IMPACT! The lesson continues tonight when Kong faces Moose one-on-one.

KM and Fallah Bahh run into Grado and Katarina in the backstage area. KM tells Fallah that if someone like Grado can get a woman like her, then it should be easy for Fallah to do the same!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Madison Rayne about her altercation with Tessa Blanchard during her return last week. Madison says she didn’t come back to be an in-ring competitor but Tessa Blanchard is going to change that. Tessa interrupts and challenges Madison to meet her face-to-face in the ring! The match is made official for next week’s special episode, Under Pressure!

The new tag team champions, DJZ and Andrew Everett are interviewed backstage. They talk about being the underdogs but every dog has it’s day. Former tag champs, Eli Drake and Scott Steiner interrupt. Steiner is furious about losing the titles but Drake tells him to calm down. Steiner accuses Drake of not being in the right place and that’s why they lost. Z & E leave as Drake and Steiner continue their war of words.

X-Division Champion Matt Sydal vs. Fantasma – X-Division Championship Match

Fantasma sends Sydal to the outside with a diving headbutt, followed by a baseball slide.

Sydal attempts the Shooting Star but Fantasma rolls out of the way. Fantasma goes for the Thrill of the Kill but this time, it’s Sydal who counters!

Fantasma hits the superkick but Sydal comes right back at him with his new finishing move, flipping Fantasma right on his head! Sydal scores the pinfall to retain the title!

At the clubhouse, a familiar face informs Santana and Ortiz that Konnan was jumped but he’s okay and in a safe place with Homicide. He tells them they need to step their game up by putting an end to their recent losing streak and bring back the tag titles to LAX.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Petey Williams

The winner of this match will be next in line to try to put an end to the undefeated streak of Brian Cage!

Williams goes for the Canadian Destroyer in the early going but luckily for Xavier, he escapes.

Williams hits a slingshot Hurricanrana to the outside!

Xavier hits a huge flip dive over the top rope, crashing into Williams on the outside!

Xavier counters the Canadian Destroyer into a running cutter for a near fall.

After a series of reveals, Xavier hits his signature handspring kick to win!

Williams congratulates Xavier on his huge win after the match.

We see a video featuring Allie with a new, demonic look! It seems as though she’s going after Su Yung and the undead bridesmaids after they burned Rosemary in a casket!

Kongo Kong vs. Moose

Jimmy Jacobs doesn’t accompany Kong to ringside as he usually does.

Moose clotheslines Kong over the top rope, followed by a crossbody. Moose charges at Kong on the outside but Kong sends him into the steel steps!

Kong follows up with a huge rolling senton, sending Moose crashing into the steps once again!

Kong hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a very close near fall.

Moose connects with the Train to Moose Nation dropkick in the corner.

Kong misses the top rope splash, allowing Moose to hit a powerslam and a Spear to win!

We find out the reason why Jimmy Jacobs wasn’t at ringside with Kong – he was laid out by the mysterious attacker backstage!

Next week, IMPACT Wrestling presents Under Pressure! Pentagon Jr defends the World Championship against Austin Aries, Allie puts the Knockouts Title on the line against Su Yung in a Last Rites match, Tessa Blanchard faces Madison Rayne and so much more! Don’t miss it!


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