Johnny Gargano Says The Door Is Open At NXT And He Can Return Whenever He Wants

December 22, 2021

After a six-year run with NXT, Johnny Gargano says he felt complete when he officially became a free agent after his contract had expired back on December 10th.

During a recent interview with Gregory Iron, On the Iron on wrestling podcast, Johnny Gargano left the door open on returning to WWE in the future, and says he can return whenever he wants.

I could have stayed and been comfortable for a very very long time, again I love NXT, and the doors open and I can go back whenever I want. WWE in general I can go back whenever I want. I really appreciate that, I’m so grateful that the company i dreamed of working for my entire life still wants me for a very long time and that really cool. It’s one one of those things where i am a very competitive person, and I’ve felt like i climbed that mountain and there are just other mountains i wanna climb now, and that’s not just in wrestling but also life.

Gargano would then go on to say that producing content on his twitch channel is the one thing he is excited about doing, and that he will definitely be enjoying his time outside of wrestling.

He never stated a particular timetable for a return to wrestling, so we will have to wait and see what he decides to do after the birth of his first child.

Below is the full interview with Johnny Gargano on the Iron-On Podcast.

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