O’Shay Edwards Outlasts Sledge In Violent Third Match Between The Powerhouses

May 28, 2021


After wrestling to time-limit draws in their first two meetings, O’Shay Edwards and Sledge weren’t about to have their third encounter end without a winner.

The two powerhouses brutalized each other for nearly 20 minutes in a no-disqualification, no-countout war before Edwards ultimately prevailed. The match aired exclusively on ROH’s YouTube channel.

Edwards and Sledge unleashed violence in the ring and on the floor, using whatever they could get their hands on, including tables, chairs and duct tape.

At one point, Edwards nailed Sledge with a right hand to the face that loosened one of Sledge’s teeth. Undeterred, Sledge yanked the tooth out of his mouth and threw it at Edwards.

During the latter stages of the match, Sledge set up two tables in the ring and placed a dazed Edwards on them. Sledge climbed to the middle rope, but before he could execute a move, Edwards got to his feet and met Sledge on the ropes.

Sledge set up for a powerbomb, but Edwards countered by powering Sledge up onto his back and shoulders. Edwards drove himself backwards off the middle rope, sending Sledge crashing through the table, with Edwards landing on top of him to score the winning pinfall.

Although Edwards came out with the victory, both men proved that they have the physical tools, toughness and tenacity to become major players in ROH.

The first match between Edwards and Sledge ended in a 10-minute draw, and the second went to a 15-minute draw. The third match was nearly over before it started.

Bad blood had developed between the two intense, hungry competitors as a result of their previous battles. This time they started brawling in the aisle during their entrances.

Security came out to separate them. When Edwards and Sledge ignored referee Joe Mandak’s order to get in the ring, he threw out the match.

Sledge grabbed a microphone and said he and Edwards both came for a fight, so he asked for a no-disqualification, no-countout match. Senior referee Todd Sinclair came out and announced that the ROH Board of Directors had agreed to it.


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