July 19, 2018

Sami Callihan is the embodiment of “raging against the machine” in life. Sami continues to defy authority and anyone who dares to tell Sami what to do. The man drove Eddie Edwards to the edge of darkness. Now Sami has turned his attention to Pentagon Jr. and his mask.

While some people may identify with Sami and think he is “cool” for being individualistic and blazing his own trail, but what is at the root of Sami is what is truly disturbing. Barbed Wire Massacre III in Ottawa and nearly ending the career of Eddie Edwards are two examples you can look at when you think about how vile Sami Callihan really is. Sami took a baseball bat and swung with with reckless abandon at the face of a man he was wrestling. Wrestling. Wrestling for a living, to earn a paycheck and support a family. Sami Callihan tried to take that away from Eddie Edwards.

Now Sami looks to take the identity of another man, the mask of Pentagon Jr. the face of the luchador who has become a Star around the world.

AKP_Impact_BCW_June2_2018_0272 Sami vs. EVERYTHING Sami Callihan Pentagon Jr. Mask vs. Hair

There is something wrong with Sami Callihan. Will Sami get the mask? Will he display it proudly over his head for all the world to see? How will that make Sami feel at the end of Slammiversary? Will he be vindicated?

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