The Adventurer’s Guide to Adventure Vol. 2

June 18, 2018

Vol. 2 “Like a Rolling Stone”

You’re not going to believe this but… Anyone who knows me knows I have very few weaknesses. I do, however succumb to one vice over and over again without fail. That vice? A beautiful woman.

I can’t resist the smile and allure of a natural beauty of the opposite sex, try as I might. It is in my nature and part of my credo in life to never say no, as I’ve stated before, add a beautiful damsel in, or out, of distress and you’ve got the ingredients to one hell of an adventure pie!

Enter Pamela Stiffwater, a dark skinned southern belle who found her way to Santiago, Chile and into my heart. Fortunately for me, the space in my heart is a rental property, with no permanent tenants. I was en route to Buenos Aries to intercept a heist for a very rare jewel that I had my eye on for years. The jewel belonged to a friend that had it stolen from him at a benefit for the conservation of the Icelandic Snow Owl. Anyway, I had remembered that I enjoyed a delicious dish at a local watering hole in downtown Santiago, I was a mere few thousand miles away, so I thought I’d pop in for a bite and say hello to a few friends.

Pamela had been sitting at the other end of the bar making eyes with me all night. It was quite the game of back and forth. She’d persist and I’d withdraw and then I’d persist and she’d withdraw and on and on we’d go, vying for one another’s attention. Eventually she sauntered up to me and quietly whispered “What are you staring at?” The games stakes had been raised. After a few minutes of her insisting her boyfriend would be back from the washroom any minute I knew my time to move was limited.

“Come away with me?” I exclaimed.
“I’d rather die!” she facetiously stated.
“Look, we all know that there is no boyfriend in the lavatory and that our chemistry is undeniable. Drop the charade and come away with me to Argentina where we can live like royalty!”

Ms. Stiffwater pondered a bit as if she knew I was lying through my teeth but again realized what so many do, that a short time with an adventurer is better than no time at all. Off we went, hand in hand. The next few days are a bit of a blur for reasons you can decipher yourself. Let’s just say I’ll never forget Ms. Stillwater, as I described her to the police for robbing me of my passport and wallet, I still knew she cared for me. She left behind my favorite stone I keep in my pocket for no other reason than she cared too much about me to take it.

Until we meet again, Pamela! You’re in my pocket and in my heart.


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-Stone Rockwell

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