The World Championship Main Event: Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

July 1, 2019

It is the main event. The World Championship Main Event, to be exact at Slammiversary. Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin in a showdown that we have been waiting for ever since Michael Elgin burst on the scene in Toronto at Rebellion. Michael Elgin ruined the celebration of Brian Cage and sent him to the ER. It has been the calling card of Michael Elgin ever since. Come to IMPACT, send people to the ER and do it again. Send a message. Take your place at the table.

Never before has one man caused such chaos on IMPACT Wrestling. Remember on his first night in IMPACT Wrestling, Johnny IMPACT was involved in a Championship Match, but ultimately it took IMPACT quite some time to win the World Title. Elgin didn’t wait in lines, he cut right to the front and anointed himself. Who is the king? Who is the face of the franchise? Brian Cage thought it was him.

Brian Cage thought that the Machine had arrived and after Rebellion there would be confetti falling from the rafters and life would be grand, longing for that one perfect moment. Cage deserved that moment and it was ripped from him. Taken as quickly as it happened, Cage won the title and Elgin emerged.

This will be a war on Sunday, a battle between two men who are ready to do whatever it takes to survive and win and leave as Champion. Who has what it takes? Who will dig deep to win? Who can outlast the other?

We will find out at Slammiversary. Tickets are still available and you can get them here. Also don’t forget, Slammiversary will be available on IMPACT+ this Sunday and with your purchase of Slammiversary you get 3 months of IMPACT+ for FREE. Talk about a great deal! It all goes down on Sunday.

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