WWE Apparently Released Bray Wyatt Because He Became Difficult To Work With

October 14, 2021

On July 31 Bray Wyatt was released by the WWE after over ten years with the company. The release left fans as well as USA execs scratching their heads. Many have been wondering about his next move, as there has been word that many companies are interested in bringing in the former Universal Champion. Well, it now looks like we may have some more clarity on WWE releasing the star.

According to Andrew Zarian on the Mat Men podcast, it was said that Bray Wyatt was being difficult in WWE and had performance-related issues on top of weight and financial issues, which all ultimately led to him being released by WWE.

“I wanna be careful with this. I’m not even gonna allude where it came from, who told me this. I would say that this is probably one of the most legitimate people I’ve spoken to that would be able to address this. This isn’t ‘a friend of a friend told me and I even have to second source and triple source’ or anything like that. This is as close (to first-hand information) as you could possibly get. And it’s not Bray. It’s nobody that you would ever imagine.

Bray was being difficult. And I’m gonna fill in a lot, I’m not even gonna quote. Because I have the quote, (but) I don’t wanna quote it. He was a little difficult, he had some performance issues in the ring, and he had some weight issues. I’m not saying that that’s the reason, I’m not gonna say that’s the reason, but you can kind of piece things together as to the things – when you evaluate a talent and you’re like, ‘Okay we need this and we need that and this is the plan moving forward’, you need someone… sometimes the decision is easier to make if you make it more difficult for them to make that decision.

“So, there is no one reason, by the way, let me just put it out there. Financial, yes. There was a financial issue, there were plenty of other scenarios here. I don’t think he was happy. And I would tell you that these decisions are not cut and dry. It’s not like, ‘Oh it was a money thing and that’s it’. Obviously they’re gonna say that, that’ll be the public answer. Because most likely, it played a part in money, because you can only like some guys so much when you’re losing money. I’m not saying they were losing money but I’m just putting it out there like that. There were numerous reasons. Not one.”

AEW President Tony Khan went on record to say that there have been no talks between the two sides but we will have to wait and see where Wyatt will end up.

Below is the full episode of the Mat Men Podcast.

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