WWE NXT 2.0 Soundtrack Released On All Streaming Platforms

January 26, 2022

On last night’s action-packed episode of NXT 2.0, WWE heavily hyped the release of the “As Close As It Gets” soundtrack for the colorful brand. Ollie Jay performed live on NXT 2.0, complete with the piped-in sounds of a sold out stadium crowd, in a building with a capacity of around 300 fans.

On Tuesday, WWE released “As Close as It Gets” on major streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. The Extended Play was put together by WWE music arm Def Rebel. The release has three different songs. There are three different mixes of OllieJayy’s “Make Em Fall” included.

The entire five-song tracklist is below. You can also check out the new releases via YouTube.

1. Make Em Fall (Rap Mix) – f/ OllieJayy
2. Shooting Star (Program Theme)
3. Out the Way (Program Theme)
4. Make Em Fall – f/ OllieJayy
5. Make Em Fall (Rock Mix) – f/ OllieJayy

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