Black Oxygen Interview | David Lyle & Nick Lyle Talk New Single “Butterfly”

February 22, 2024

Black Oxygen Interview by Big Gold Belt Media with @amiyahdeziire

For nearly the last 25 years one special song has been one of the biggest hits in the history of music that has lived the test of time. That song is the world-famous platinum hit “Butterfly”. When it originally came out on radio it charted at #1 on the US Hot 100 Billboard chart and ever since it’s been played around the globe on radio, TV shows, sports games, films, and more. Now today 25 years later in the music industry comes the scene of Black Oxygen a pop band with Hip Hop elements out of Los Angeles that has been grinding making hype and making a legit name for themselves in the music industry with their latest Album “New Heights”.

The group is made of 2 brothers David and Nick Lyle who are extremely talented songwriters/performers who write/produce all of their own music. David sings, raps, and plays lead guitar, and bass while Nick sings, raps, and plays drums, keys and together their special music chemistry on the recordings and live brings the talented powerhouse duo Black Oxygen. Check out their music video “New Heights” that showcases their musical journey.

Old school rocker/rapper nu metal legend Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town has crossed paths with the talented rock n’ roll new school legends brothers David and Nick Lyle of Black Oxygen and together passing down the blessing that’s brought his career to life he gives the Butterfly to Black Oxygen to carry on to the next new generation of music lovers. The new Butterfly is no lazy copy. In fact, you could say it’s even better and beats the original. Bringing new life into “Butterfly” on all levels with modern pop and rap elements mixed with compliments of the original tied to Black Oxygen’s signature sound.

Also, the music video is a beautiful piece of new art while keeping true to the original Butterfly video. It’s even Directed by Shifty (Seth Binzer) himself. Black Oxygen and Crazy Town have hit this one a home run out of the park. Marking what could be the best new song to come out of the New Year 2024. This song has a bright future ahead of radio charting, the earth blowing up, and success to come!

Butterfly Video:


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