Director Sarah Boyd Interview | Upload Season 3 | Prime Video

November 6, 2023

Director Sarah Boyd Interview by Big Gold Belt Media

In Upload Season Three, we pick back up with Nora and freshly downloaded Nathan as they navigate their relationship, while racing to stop the mysterious conspiracy that threatens to destroy millions of lives. Can they shut down Freeyond, and finally have a real life together? Or is it just a matter of time until Nathan’s head explodes? Meanwhile, in Lakeview, a backup copy of Nathan has been activated and Ingrid’s not about to let this second chance at love slip away. Back in the real world, Aleesha rises through the ranks of Horizen by managing AI education, and falls into a new romantic relationship. And Luke, all alone in Lakeview, is forced to come up with the funds to pay for his stay in paradise, driving him to work in The Grey Zone.

Director Sarah Boyd (Episodes 307, 308)
Sarah Boyd is a director best known for her work on critically- acclaimed television shows, such as The Boys, This Is Us, 9-1-1, Apple TV’s For All Mankind, and Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Boyd’s episode of The Boys, The Bloody Doors Off, made Variety’s top 6 list of 2021 Emmy predictions for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Before becoming a director, Boyd was nominated for two Emmys and an ACE Eddie for editing the hit television show LOST, and worked for many years with producer Carton Cuse (Bates Motel, Jack Ryan, Colony, The Strain) and director Rod Lurie (cutting his feature films Straw Dogs, Nothing But The Truth, and Resurrecting the Champ, and the pilot for Commander-in-Chief, starring Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland.)She attended Yale University and got her masters at USC School of Cinematic Arts. She began her career as a child actor, with the lead role in the feature film Old Enough.

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