Nigel Sydnor Interview (2022) | The One That Got Away | Prime Video

July 13, 2022

Nigel Sydnor Interview by Big Gold Belt Media

Former college basketball player Nigel took his talents from playing on the court to becoming a successful real estate professional who is tired of playing games when it comes to dating. As a successful single living in Los Angeles, Nigel is tired of underwhelming relationships, the party scene, and attending couples’ trips with random dates. He’s ready to not only find love, but to be in love. There have been characteristics of women in the past that have taught him about himself, and he is no longer willing to miss out on love! He’s hopeful his future wife will walk through The Portal.

The One That Got Away follows six singles, each searching for their soulmate, as they embark on a never-before-seen quest for love, and are given the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections. Whether it’s a high school classmate whose crush always went unrequited, or the kind stranger who offered a helping hand five years ago, the potential partners are sure to be dramatic. One by one, people from their past enter through “The Portal” to surprise them and take their shot at love in this time-traveling, experimental dating series.

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